Receiving and Storage (2500)

Employee will be able to ensure proper inventory management including correct delivery and storage of inventory, and that which has been placed on hold or recalled.

Title Developer Format State Specific
School Food Finance

Chef Ann Foundation

Online training
Inventory Management- Controlling Cost

Institute of Child Nutrition

Online training, Training materials Unlimited Access
Check It In Mini-Poster

Institute of Child Nutrition.

Print Materials Unlimited Access
Inventory Management - Controlling Cost

Institute of Child Nutrition.

Online training Unlimited Access
Workshops to Go - Back to Basics: Fresh Vegetables and Fruits

The John C. Stalker Institute of Food and Nutrition at Framingham State University.

Face-to-Face Training Massachusetts
Massachusetts Food Equipment and Safety Training (FEAST)

Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

Video, Print Materials Massachusetts
The Reinvented Administrative Review

Texas Department of Agriculture.

Webinar, Video Texas
Serving Up Science: The Path to Safe Food in Schools

Kansas State University.

Face-to-Face Training Unlimited Access
Managing Food Safety When Handling Fresh Produce in Schools

School Nutrition Foundation; School Nutrition Association.

Webinar, Print Materials Unlimited Access
ServSafe® Food Safety Program for Managers

ServSafe: National Restaurant Association.

Online training, Training materials, Face-to-Face Training Unlimited Access