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The Lunch Box

Tools and resources to help with menu creation, financial management, procurement, marketing, and engagement strategies for school districts and food service teams who are transitioning their food programs from processed foods to scratch cooking and fresh ingredients.

The Certificate in Excellence in School Nutrition Program: NUTR 619 Educational Theory and Practice for School Nutrition Professionals

A review of the knowledge and skills necessary for school nutrition professionals to effectively communicate to a variety of audiences. Adult learning theories form the basis of presentation, instructional, and written communication skills necessary for public relations and marketing strategies in school nutrition programs. Focus is placed on the role of school nutrition directors in promoting quality food service programs as a component of comprehensive school health programs.

The Certificate in Excellence in School Nutrition Program: NUTR 618 Management of Child Nutrition Programs

An investigation of the principles of management and organizational behavior needed for leaders of Child Nutrition Programs in schools. Topics include: management theory, managing human resources, financial data analysis, productivity, governmental regulations, and quality assurance programs.


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