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Forecasting for School Meal Programs

Course guides participants in learning to forecast the types and volume of products needed for your school meal programs by assessing past records and considering future demands. Some best practices including use of cycle menus, standardized recipes, and production records which help contribute to a successful, efficient, financially sound operation are covered in this course.

Pick a Peck of Produce

Promotes purchasing of locally sourced fresh fruits and vegetables in child nutrition programs. Successful "Farm to Fork" programs involve education, flexibility, communication, and diligence in food safety. Learn about Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs), food safety plans and audits, geographic preferences, and produce specifications.

It's Time to Get Down and Dirty

Dig into information on gardening initiatives and the benefits of an on-site edible garden program. Learn about steps for starting an on-site garden and the importance of widespread local support for this farm-to-fork effort. Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) and food safety procedures for an edible garden are also covered.


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