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Local School Wellness

This training serves as an intro guide to a deep discussion about local wellness policy by pulling together "Paving the Way: Guidance on Updating Your Local Wellness Policy" and "Paving the Way: Putting Wellness Policy Into Action."

This training is viewed best on the Google Chrome browser.

Standardized Recipes

This training assists in identifying what a standardized recipe is, when it is required, and why standardized recipes are used.  It also reviews required elements of a standardized recipe best practice and identifies common errors found in standardized recipes.

This training is best viewed on the Google Chrome browser.

Food Safety in Schools

This training helps users to understand and implement a HACCP-based program. It also assists users in understanding the Federal, State, and local foods safety regulations and guidance.

This training is best viewed on the Google Chrome platform.

Production Records

This training provides users with an overview to help them understand what a production record is and why it is used. It also provides: list of minimum production record requirements, instructions on how to complete a production record, production record best practices, and overview of common production record errors.

Training is best viewed on the Google Chrome browser.


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