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School Food Service Technology 101: Tangible Applications for Implementing HHFKA

The School Nutrition Foundation (SNF) in partnership with inTEAM Associates hosted a webinar on “School Food Service Technology 101: Tangible Applications for Implementing HHFKA." In this webinar, Frank DiPasquale, then CEO of the School Nutrition Association, Mary Jo Tuckwell, Director of Technical Consulting Services, Erik Ramp, VP of Operations, and Janet Luc, Senior Consultant of inTEAM Associates, will help participants understand the five critical technology components needed to implement the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 (HHFKA). School Food Service Directors will better understand how technology can enhance measurement and management of school meal programs. State Agency Staff will also learn how technology can be used to monitor compliance of HHFKA. All participants will acquire greater knowledge of the role eLearning plays in preparing for and complying with HHFKA.

School Nutrition Association.
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SNA Continuing Education Unit (CEU) Key Area 3: Administration. Please see Web site for proof of attendance form.
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Available to SNA members, please see Web site for more information.
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