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Kentucky Farm 2 School Curriculum

The Kentucky Farm 2 School (KF2S) Curriculum is a series of eight units to teach high school students to:

  • Recognize the sources of their foods.
  • Explain the relationship of local production to improved food quality and nutrition.
  • Understand the importance of thriving agricultural businesses to healthy communities.
  • Identify the skills and knowledge individuals need to succeed in the farming industry.
  • Increase consumption of locally produced food and agricultural products.
  • Increase consumption of fruits and vegetables.
This research-based curriculum provides:
  • Curriculum overview
  • Kentucky core academic standards
  • Curriculum matrix
  • Planning guide
  • Tips for delivery
  • Evaluation tools
  • Additional resources
  • References
Lessons include:
  • Lesson 1: Know Your Local Farmers and What They Do For You
  • Lesson 2: The Grains of Your Community
  • Lesson 3: Farm Fresh Veggies
  • Lesson 4: Fruits From the Farm
  • Lesson 5: Only a Little Oil Will Do!
  • Lesson 6: Not Just Milk Alone
  • Lesson 7: Powerful Protein
  • Lesson 8: Wrapping It Up
University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service; Kentucky Department of Agriculture
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