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Healthy Cuisine for Kids

2-day “hands-on” Culinary Training requires a demonstration area with access to a culinary lab or prep kitchen that will accommodate 20-25 participants divided into 4-5 teams. The training is conducted by a chef and a registered dietitian who provide classroom and hands-on experiences for learning healthful cooking methods. Preparation techniques, such as knife skills, and a variety of cooking methods are demonstrated and practiced using healthful ingredients. Culinary techniques that yield quality products are used to prepare recipes reflective of the nutrition principles of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Four culinary labs involve participants in preparing, presenting, tasting, and evaluating USDA award-winning recipes that appeal to students. Safety and sanitation principles are demonstrated and practiced throughout the training. Culinary labs are: (1) Culinary Basics, (2) Fruits and Vegetables, (3) Whole Grain-Rich Foods, and (4) Meat/Meat Alternates.

NOTE: Requirements for Healthy Cuisine for Kids Culinary Training

  1. A demonstration area with access to a culinary lab or prep kitchen – such as a culinary arts program kitchen (high school or college), a school cafeteria kitchen, or a classroom kitchen with work stations
  2. A commitment from the site coordinator who requested the training to be responsible for the purchase of and payment for groceries and supplies for the training, delivery to the training site, and proper storage

An on-site assistant who is familiar with the facility and the user policies and who will be present during the training to assist the trainer as needed

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