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Food Safety Fact Sheets

Food safety fact sheets are a 1-2 page information sheet that provides timely information on food safety topics. Now available in English and Spanish. There are 67 fact sheets, including 31 in Spanish. Revised 2016. Topics include: • Biological Hazards • Calibrating Thermometers • Chemical Hazards • Cleaning and Sanitizing • Complex Process • Controlling Time and Temperature During Preparation • Cooking Foods • Cooling Foods • Preventing Contamination When Using Cutting Boards • Handwashing • Holding Cold Foods • Holding Hot Foods • Manual Dishwashing • Mechanical Dishwashing • No Cook Process • Personal Hygiene • Physical Hazards • Preparing, Storing, and Serving Fresh Tomatoes • Preventing Contamination During Food Preparation • Preventing Contamination in Food Bars • Preventing Cross Contamination During Food Storage • The Process Approach • Receiving Deliveries • Reheating Foods • Same Day Service Process • Serving Safe Foods • Storing and Using Chemicals • Storing Foods • Temperature Danger Zone • Thawing Foods • Transporting Foods • Using Food Thermometers • Using Suitable Utensils When Handling Ready-to-Eat Foods • Washing Fruits and Vegetables

Institute of Child Nutrition.
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