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Food From the Farm

Food From the Farm is a kindergarten farm to school program that encourages eating local fruits and vegetables, and helps kids understand where their food comes from. This holistic program includes classroom education, experiential learning through farm trips, multiple exposures to local fruits and vegetables through classroom tastings and parent engagement.

The Food From the Farm Kindergarten Lesson Guide includes 50 lessons focusing on healthy eating and agriculture. The lessons are intended to be taught in the classroom by kindergarten teachers, and are aligned to the Missouri educational standards. By teaching the Food From the Farm lessons, teachers will meet educational standards in health, science, math, communication arts, visual arts, information and communications technology literacy and theater.

The lessons are organized by season, and are grouped into the following themes:

  • Staying Healthy with Clean Hands
  • Getting to Know Fruits and Vegetables>
  • Learning about Local Foods
  • Fall Harvest Foods
  • Foods are Grown on Farms
  • Planning Healthy Meals and Snacks
  • How Do Our Bodies Use Food?
  • Growing Our Own Food
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