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The Culinary Fundamentals Video Training Series

This series starts from the table up, covering such fundamental topics as knife types and cutting board choices and builds from there.  Simple produce purchasing considerations are discussed, such as quality, sizing, consistency and yield.  Different fruit and vegetable groups are cut, demonstrating proper holding and range of motion, and product specific techniques are used for different items, such as cubing melons and dicing onions.  Cooking processes, such as steam, sweat, saute, stir-fry and roast are then thoroughly demonstrated, using these freshly cut products, delving into key considerations such as pot and pan shape, size, gauge and overall best choice for different applications, all in a unique, comparative way that highlights the benefits and different desired outcomes from one process to the next.  Once you truly learn and understand what is supposed to happen in these processes, for example when sweating, what it means to sweat your vegetables, why you might sweat rather saute them, and what it takes to do it, you will be able to sweat your vegetables just as successfully in an oven or steam kettle, as you can in a pan on top of the stove.  Other hot topics, such as salad composition, grains and legumes are covered, each video ending with a multiple choice quiz to enhance the learning processes.  Suggested hands-on exercises are available to further bolster the experience.  Progress is tracked from video to video, and once successfully completed in their entirety, a certificate of completion of credit hours is provided.              

Smart Partners, LLC
Training Format
Training Length
A certificate of 6 Credit hours will be provided at the end of the video and quiz portion of the programming, which can be printed out for each participant. Using any or all of the suggested hands-on exercises will simply need to be tracked and documented separately, according to how many are used and how long they take you to do, which could provide another 2+ hours.
Cost Notes
Individual users pay $75 to access the training videos. Groups with 10 or more individuals are able to access training videos for $50 per person.
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