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Additional Meat/Meat Alternates Options for CNPs: Crediting Tempeh and Surimi

The webinar, Additional Meat/Meat Alternate Options for Child Nutrition Programs: Crediting Tempeh and Surimi, provides an overview of the crediting updates resulting from the Request for Information and provides crediting technical assistance with hands-on practice specifically for tempeh and surimi. This is the second webinar of the Crediting Updates for Child Nutrition Programs: Be in the Know! webinar series.

This webinar series assists with implementation of the recent changes in Child Nutrition Programs related to the release of SP08 CACFP02 SFSP02-2019: Update of Food Crediting in the Child Nutrition Programs and other memos, including SP24 CACFP11 SFSP10-2019: Crediting Surimi Seafood in the Child Nutrition Programs and SP25 CACFP12 SFSP11-2019: Crediting Tempeh in the Child Nutrition Programs.

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