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Title Developer Format State Specific
Civil Rights Compliance in Child Nutrition Programs

Kansas State Department of Education

Online training Unlimited Access
Stress: Keeping People & Pressure From Getting the Best of You

People & Solutions, Inc.

Civil Rights - Mississippi

Mississippi Department of Education.

Civil Rights - Oklahoma

Child Nutrition Programs Oklahoma State Department of Education.

Webinar, Video Oklahoma
Annual Training Module: Civil Rights - Pennsylvania

Project PA. Pennsylvania Department of Education, Division of Food and Nutrition. Penn State University’s Department of Nutritional Sciences.

Civil Rights - Kentucky

Kentucky Department of Education.

Civil Rights - New Hampshire

New Hampshire Department of Education.

New Hampshire
Civil Rights - California

California Professional Nutrition Education and Training Center.

Online training California
Georgia School Nutrition Training: Civil Rights Training

Georgia Department State of Education.

Video Georgia
NSLP Civil Rights Training for Frontline DC Foodservice Staff - Washington, DC

DC Office of the State Superintendent of Education.

Webinar, Video, Training materials Dist of Columbia